Upload Requirements for CV and Syllabi

File Requirements

  • All documents must be in PDF format and ADA compliant. See here for templates and resources
  • Syllabus file names should include the following information, in the prescribed format, seperated by underscores, hyphens, or spaces.
    • 4-letter course abbreviation: ACCT for Accounting
    • Course code: 4300. Add section number if applicable as: 4300-001
    • Last Name 
    • SemesterYear: Use sp20 (no space) for Spring 2020, fa for fall, su for summer
    • Example: LING 3060-020 Shappeck Sp20.pdf
  • CV file names should include at least your last name, the term "CV" and the four-digit year, separated as above. Additional terms are up to you. 

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